The funding

The funding

Banana Exchange provides capital to funders by factoring their existing portfolios. As portfolios grow, Banana provides more and more capital thus creating positive growth cycles for funders.

Benefits Funders Of All Sizes

From seasoned MCAs with over $100M RTR, to new starters with $500K.

Faster Funding

Our onboarding process is very simple, requires no financials, personal guarantys or complex underwriting. It is usually completed within 5 business days.


High Flexibility

Once onboarded, you can draw funds up to twice a month, depending on your cash flow needs. You never hold unneeded excess cash. You can always draw more funds as needed.

Positive Growth Cycle For Your Business

Banana Exchange grows with you. As you generate more RTR, Banana will provide you with an increasing amount of funds.

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Banana Exchange Calculator for MCA Funding

Funding parameters
Average MCA deal term (months)
Average MCA rate
Draw amount from Banana Exchange
Average ISOs/brokers fee
Average write-off percent
Banana Exchange Funding Outcome

Banana Exchange’s funding period

Banana Exchange’s factor rate

Total amount repaid to Banana Exchange in 12 equal monthly installments

Total amount collected by re-investing your collections for 12 months

Total amount paid to brokers and written off

Net Profit: