Revolutionizing MCA Funding with Banana Exchange

At Banana Exchange, we’re a team of experienced professionals in factoring, fintech, and business sectors who have been working together since 2017 to support and advance the merchant cash advance industry. Our goal is to revolutionize MCA funding by providing a one-stop-shop for MCA funders and ISOs. We listen to the market and always deliver value to our clients and partners.

Why Banana?

People often ask us, “Why Banana?” Well, here’s the story. When Eyal (our CEO) was 8, he lived in Ethiopia with his family for 4 years while his parents served there as a Mossad agent and military man. While there, they rescued a monkey named JoJo. Eyal chose the name Banana to remember his past. Plus, why not make finance a little more fun?

But that’s not all. Eyal continues to be a champion for the endangered species and is now a guardian for Caesar, a young chimpanzee orphan rescued by the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Sierra Leone. Through the Tacugama Guardianship Programme, Eyal can financially support Caesar’s rehabilitation and education, as well as the Tacugama conservation and research programs. All subspecies of chimpanzees are endangered, and the Western chimpanzee is critically endangered. Join Eyal and sponsor your own chimpanzee at

Founder & CEO
Eyal Levy

Eyal Levy

The founder of Banana Exchange, has 25 years of extensive experience with factoring and commercial finance in the US and UK. Eyal was the founder of Platinum Funding Group (1992-2009), a premier factoring company that funded $250M annually at its peak. Currently, Eyal is the Chairman of The Friends of Kaplan Medical Center in Israel, as well as a mentor in the Harvard Business School entrepreneurship program.