The marketplace

The marketplace

A one stop shop for brokers and funders alike using smart matching AI to connect between all parties to make submissions, deals, streamlined communication and more useful and tailored features to grow your business.

AI Smart Matching

ISOs all over the US continuously submit applications to funders on our marketplace. Our smart matching system directs these to the funders most likely to give the best offer, based on these funders’ unique fingerprint.


Better Funding Offers

By leveraging the relationships that Banana Exchange has with funders, brokers on The Banana Marketplace get more approvals and better offers on their submissions.

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Faster Responses

Once an application is submitted, it is smartly matched to 2-3 funders looking for that kind of deal. The system alerts those funders and triggers a response 30% faster than industry standard.

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Flat Rate

Rather than submitting to a super ISO and losing as much as 50% of the commission, The Banana Marketplace has a set profit share. No matter how high the commission on a deal is, our rate is still the same.

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Chain of Custody

Being able to track your submission from start to finish ensures that you can have peace of mind knowing your deal isn’t being spoken to by anyone other than you.

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